Preparing for a Restaurant Health Inspection


Walk Your Restaurant From Outside, In

When you walk from outside, in, throughout your restaurant you get an outsider view. Pay close attention to details that an outsider would often spot. You have to do this with a critical eye. You must act as if it were your job to find flaws within your restaurant. Because for the inspector coming to your restaurant, it is his job.


Review Your Local Health Code

We happen to be located in Phoenix Arizona. Here in Phoenix, the Environmental Health Division assesses permitted establishments for compliance with the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code. In order to do that Environmental Health issues permits to businesses like food establishments, pet shops, public accommodations and mobile food vendors. These businesses are then inspected on a regular basis with a frequency that depends on the type of operation. In addition, Environmental Health will also follow up on nuisance complaints if they fall within their jurisdiction, such as sewage, rodents, garbage, etc. in a permitted establishment. For detailed information about compliance with the FDA Food Code and the subsequent new or changed requirements of the Environmental Health Division, visit:

Use the Same Inspection Form

When you use the same inspection form as the health inspector to review if you’re prepared for the inspection you can better get a grasp on what they’ll be looking for, giving you a chance to improve certain areas. You can also review your past inspections, and improve on the things that needed improvement before. Posting previous inspections in the break room can help the staff see what needs to be improved upon making it a group effort to get a better inspection the next time around.


Keep Staff Current on Food Safety Practices

Health inspectors pay extra close attention to detail when it comes to the areas of food-borne illnesses and food allergies. Make sure your staff knows proper food handling safety to reduce any risk of food-borne illnesses and cross contamination.

Weekly staff meetings will help reduce the anxiety that staff members might feel about the health inspector when they arrive. Weekly meetings will help your staff know what the health inspector is there to do and inform them of tips they may want to know before the inspector comes in.


Reinforce Good Cleaning Habits

Push hand washing using signs where there are sinks and doors. Also push good food handling habits with gloves readily available and re-instruction on proper dish washing procedures.