4 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Restaurant


Boost Your Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs that offer great deals like $5 off of your bill if you spend $20 often will have customers coming back 35% more. It’s easier than ever to implement a loyalty program now with the technology that POS systems have, because the programs that implement the loyalty functionality come installed within the POS systems.


Refresh Your Menu

If your establishment continues to only have the same menu even your most loyal of customers will end up getting bored of the food and possibly stop coming. The easiest way to combat this problem is offering “limited edition” foods that customers will want to try while it’s still in the restaurant. Social media can also greatly benefit new food ideas to add to your menu because it comes directly from your customers.


Speed Up Service Times

Fast service is a huge thing for repeat service, slow service can have new and loyal customers leaving before they even get their food they ordered. Table-based restaurants offer tablets that have a self-ordering system to reduce possibly slow service. Also you could consider self-ordering and self-pay kiosks to allow the least amount of wait before and after customer’s meals.


Create Online and Mobile Ordering

When you allow mobile and online ordering it caters to those who may be too busy to sit down and eat. Or don’t enjoy the restaurant surrounding to eat from your restaurant as well. This creates a large new set of customers for your restaurant who can carry out their lunches and dinners.