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10 Ways to Make a More Profitable Restaurant

Create a Takeout Menu When offering a takeout menu you open up your restaurant to a whole new set of customers who don’t have the time to sit down to eat their breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When offering a takeout menu also offer discounts or promotions to nearby office buildings to better increase chances of […]

Preparing for a Restaurant Health Inspection

Walk Your Restaurant From Outside, In When you walk from outside, in, throughout your restaurant you get an outsider view. Pay close attention to details that an outsider would often spot. You have to do this with a critical eye. You must act as if it were your job to find flaws within your restaurant. […]

4 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back to Your Restaurant

Boost Your Loyalty Program Loyalty programs that offer great deals like $5 off of your bill if you spend $20 often will have customers coming back 35% more. It’s easier than ever to implement a loyalty program now with the technology that POS systems have, because the programs that implement the loyalty functionality come installed […]

Ice Machine Cleaning

  Is Cleaning an Ice Machine Really That Important? In an ice machine, the part that creates the ice is called the Evaporator Plate. An Evaporator Plate itself can cost more than $2,600, and this is not including labor to install.  For most people, this is more than the cost of another ice machine. And […]

Turn Your Servers into Sellers!

To implement this strategy you’ll want to gather up your bartenders and cocktail servers and ask: “What is your main responsibility here?” Most often, the bartenders will answer, “Make drinks,” and the servers will say, “Serve drinks.” Chances are good that they’ve been trained to believet that their job is to take, make or fill orders. That […]

Increase Profits by 15% or More With Menu Engineering

The primary objective of menu engineering is to maximize a firm’s profitability by subconsciously encouraging customers to buy what you want them to buy, and discourage them from buying items you don’t want them to buy.   “In its truest sense, the term menu engineering refers to the specific restaurant menu analysis methodology developed by Michael L. […]

Budgeting for Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Restaurants generally have fixed expenses, variable expenses that respond to sales activity, and seemingly unpredictable maintenance and repair expenses. Making a budget helps you expect the unexpected, and takes the edge off of the “undpredictable” surprises. You can budget successfully for all costs, however, by understanding industry averages and using preventive maintenance to reduce repair and replacement bills. […]

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